Montage Health Therapy Careers

Therapists Who Care

From geriatrics to stroke patients to cancer survivors, injured athletes to wounded weekend warriors, Montage Health’s rehabilitation services works to restore what has been wounded, compromised, or lost. Our rehabilitation therapists know how to make a difference in a patient’s attitude, recovery, and life. Learn about our rehab services below to see if you would be a good fit to join our team.

Inpatient rehabilitation unit

Join our award winning IRU and provide care to those with an acute illness, injury, or accident resulting in significant functional decline.

Acute care and outpatient

Join our team of experts who provide acute and outpatient rehabilitation, from swallowing therapy to wound care to orthopedics.

Skilled nursing

Help to give our community members their independence, self-reliance, and confidence back by joining our 5-star Westland House and at home care services.


As a member of our rehabilitation team, you'll enjoy a supportive work environment, training and teaching opportunities, and generous continuing education benefits and scholarships for your continued professional growth. You'll also find an environment that prizes teamwork, initiative, and input, as well as demonstrates a shared commitment to excellent patient care and offers recognition for employee contributions.

Rehabilitation Therapist Advancement Practice (TAP) Program

Our TAP Program financially rewards those who consistently strive to advance their clinical skills.

Hire and mentor new graduates

We believe the mentorship of new grads increases the quality of work and creates a positive work environment.

Loan forgiveness

Montage Health is a non-profit organization so some of our therapists can qualify for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program.

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Customer Testimonails

From the time I was in graduate school, I knew I wanted to work for Community Hospital. I lived in the area for 7 years prior to working here and had experienced firsthand how they truly lived up to their name, as they were deeply involved in ensuring that the Monterey Peninsula had a well-cared for community across the continuum of care. A hospital that values the community it serves is extremely important to me.

Paige V.