Job Description

Job Summary:

The physician and APP recruitment coordinator is responsible for supporting Montage Health, Montage Medical Group and community providers to attract highly qualified providers to practice in our primary medical service area. The individual in this role needs to understand the strategic needs of MH, anticipated changes in the existing provider workforce, as well as deficits in the provider workforce identified through a third-party evaluation performed every three years. Working closely with the CEO of MMG and the VP/CMO of CHOMP, the recruitment coordinator will partner with external recruitment firms to create and initiate recruitment searches, act as the primary contact for interested recruits to provide information regarding Montage Health and its subsidiaries, assist in arranging phone interviews with appropriate physician leaders, assist with the logistics of on-site visits and interviews and collate post interview feedback. In addition, this role will have a keen understanding of the Montage Health Physician Recruitment Plan (PRP) and will support Physician Recruitment Agreement (PRA) offers, including collection of relevant qualifying information, scheduling discussions with candidates and preparing draft agreements from contract templates.

Primary Job Duties.

  1. Serves in a support role to CEO MMG and VP/CMO CHOMP.
  2. Meets monthly with MMG and CHOMP leadership to review current status of all ongoing recruitments, active candidates, pending onsite visits and candidates closed out of process.
  3. Ensures that all interested recruits are navigated through the recruitment process in a timely and efficient manner.
  4. Prepares recruitment searches for outside recruitment firms.
  5. Screens candidates from recruitment firms to ensure not already presented by an alternative firm.
  6. Acts as primary contact for interested providers to screen for organizational fit and provide a general overview of the PRP and expanded information regarding Montage Health, its subsidiaries and the community we serve.
  7. Coordinates telephone screen with appropriate physician or leadership contact at MMG, CHOMP or with a community practice.
  8. At the direction of appropriate physician contact, arranges for secondary telephone interview or, as recommended, site visit to the Monterey Peninsula, including itinerary for panel interviews.
  9. Collects and collates feedback on candidate after visit and provides to hiring provider.
  10. Acts as point of contact for visiting recruits with hotel arrangements.
  11. Collects receipts from recruits after visit and arranges for reimbursement of travel fees with accounts payable.
  12. When an offer is considered by MMG, partners with contract manager to prepare offer for MMG CEO review.
  13. Receives signed recruitment offer letters and files shared CEO drive.
  14. Provides a warm handoff to CHOMP and MMG credentialing teams.
  15. Provides ongoing support and point of contact for questions related to onboarding process prior to start date.
  16. Sends Financial Asset Disclosure form to all interested candidates wishing to be considered for a Physician Recruitment Agreement (PRA) from the Montage Board of Trustees.
  17. Populates PRA contracts from templates at the direction of MMG CEO and sends to recruit once approved.
  18. Maintains all PRA recruitment files in Montage Health Administration shared drive and Medi-Tract Recruitment database.
  19. In conjunction with MH Financial Services, manages and tracks ongoing physician compliance and funding of the PRA allotments.


  1. Impeccable interpersonal and communication skills, verbal and written.
  2. High comfort level interacting with physicians
  3. Strong ability to explore and determine cultural fit to ensure mutual compatibility.
  4. Strong organizational abilities.
  5. Collaborative
  6. Highly effective at conveying strategic understanding of enterprise goals and needs.

Education: Bachelor’s degree required

Experience: Minimum 3 years’ experience working within a healthcare / hospital system. Physician relations experience preferred.

Technical: Experience working in Word, Excel, and other relevant software.